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Jacquard airbrush paints review

The Jacquard airbrush paints are a great way to get you started with airbrushing, or even if you are already a veteran airbrusher. You can use these paints to great advantage when making art or customizing things like sneakers or clothes. It is a super versatile set of paints with a huge variety of color choices. It sprays right out of the bottle, so you don’t even need an airbrush! Of course, if you want to use your own airbrush, you can, as the Jacquard airbrush paints are compatible with pretty much any airbrush available. So, without further ado, let’s delve into all the benefits and uses that these paints can offer you.

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Main benefits

The Jacquard airbrush paints can be used by beginners, as the design is very intuitive. In fact, it can be used by almost everyone, as we will see in the Uses section. However, the main advantages are numerous and are all good reasons to have these paints. 

  • Quality feel: The silky smooth texture of the airbrush paints mean that you can apply these to virtually any surface and they will seamlessly integrate into whatever design you have in mind.
  • Great coverage: It is very easy to cover both smaller and larger areas with the paints, so you can save a lot of time in your projects.
  • Resistant: It is resistant to many types of wear and tear, such as cracking, peeling, chipping or fading. This allows the paint to last you a long time, and a little will go a long way.
  • Superb adhesion: The airbrush paints stick to many surfaces, both traditional and non-traditional. You can apply it on materials such as leather, canvas, wood and fabric to name a few.
  • Non-toxic: Unlike some airbrush paints, the Jacquard airbrush paints don’t contain harmful pollutants or chemicals that can be dangerous to your health. It is a simple solution of water-based fluid acrylic paints that act accordingly.
  • Range of colors: The huge range of colors and types of paint allow no room for dissatisfaction, as there will always be a color suited to you. The paints also blend very easily with each other, allowing you to create beautiful gradients and transitions, as well as other unique colors.

Uses of Jacquard airbrush paints

  • Airbrushing: The main use is to airbrush items or create airbrush art. You can use it for airbrushing old sneakers that you want to jazz up, or maybe creating a canvas background that your new art piece will sit on. Maybe you want to have a fun time with the kids and let them paint whatever they want with the easy-to-use airbrush paints. Whatever it is, these paints will let you do it, especially due to the fact that they are fit for so many purposes.
  • Stencilling: Adding on to the previous idea of customizing your own sneakers, you can create stencils using tape to outline your required shape. After, you simply have to apply a careful airbrush in the stencil, peel off the tape, and you come out with a beautifully clean shape. Use this along with a gradient to make stunning art pieces or custom shoes.
  •  Hydro dipping: This technique is very simple to set up and use. You simply need to fill a large, deep plastic container with water. After spraying your required paint patterns on top, take any item you want and slowly submerge it into the water. You will come out with a 3D patterned effect on the object, which gives it a nice depth and design. Anyone can do it, even complete beginners.
  • Painting: The Jacquard airbrush paints are not just used for airbrushing, but you can use them as normal paint if you really want to. After all, it’s your paint, so take a paintbrush and get painting! The colors are highly pigmented and intense, and they act exactly like normal acrylics.

Where to buy?

The Jacquard airbrush paints are the paints that do it all! Luckily for you, they are very good value and you can buy them at low prices through our link below. Make sure to check them out!

jacquard airbrush paints

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