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Buddha Board Mini review

The Buddha board mini was created to help people struggling with things like anxiety and depression. Or simply for creative minds and artistic souls. It is a beautiful and simple tool to quickly wash away your stress through the power of art and drawing and it helps to relieve you of your daily worries by allowing you to draw or paint whatever you want by simulating a watercolor painting. It offers many uses and is perfect as a little decoration or side piece for your desk, keeping it looking neat and fun! We will delve deeper into the uses and benefits that the Buddha board mini can provide, and how you can implement it into your own daily life. 

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The Buddha board mini is simply a square board on which you paint water to create solid, black marks that look like ink. After you have painted whatever you want, leave the board to dry, and as the water evaporates, your painting will slowly disappear so that you can start all over again. It’s like a whiteboard, but more artistic and fun! The rich, Japanese-style strokes are very satisfying to create, and the simple design let’s you place this wherever you want. Especially as it is mini, you will have no trouble placing this on your desk at home or at work.

The slate works almost like a tablet on which you draw, and the mini paintbrush included can be used to apply the water. However, if you have your own paintbrushes, feel free to use those instead, as the Buddha board mini is suitable for most sizes of paintbrushes.

What is included?

When you buy a Buddha board mini using our link, you will get:

  • A 5” x 5” square Buddha board mini
  • Built-in easel stand
  • Small trough to hold water
  • A mini paintbrush

Uses of a Buddha board mini


The main use of a Buddha board mini is to paint with, so that you can expand your creative abilities and be more prone to experimenting. This is a very useful skill to have, as it allows you to improve your artistic skills without any fear of your art being imperfect. You can use it to create temporary images that inspire you, perhaps translating to more refined pieces in the future. You can also create fun little pictures that you can look at throughout your day, or to decorate your desk or workspace.


For quick, temporary notes, the Buddha board mini is perfect, as it is compact and you can leave it in sight. It is preferable that you create very short-term to-do lists, such as things that need to be done that day. Of course, because the water evaporates over time, you can simply write little memos or notes that you need to remember for a short period, and then be done with it, starting fresh from a new slate. It is a fun way to write down things that will actually help you in your own life.

Perfect for kids

Children love to play with little toys and objects, as they are very imaginative and playful. So the Buddha board mini is perfect for those families with kids, at is essentially mess-free. No ink, paint or pencil marks anywhere in sight, which is a dream for all parents! They can learn new things, or create their own little paintings in which they have complete control over what they make. This gives them the freedom to do what they want and also improves their fine motor and cognitive skills. Because the design is so simple, there is virtually nothing to break, and no setup that can lead to a huge mess.

Benefits of using a Buddha board mini

Stress relief

The main reason that the Buddha board mini was created was to relieve stress. Simply painting an image on a blank slate seems to work wonders for people, and allows them to take away some of their stress by indulging themselves in a fun activity. For kids, teenagers and adults, the board can work therapeutically when creating those beautiful, bold ink lines. The resulting art style is something that you can be proud of and you can repeat this process again and again for however long you want.

Minimal equipment

You don’t need any expensive acrylics, oil paints or watercolors to start painting with the Buddha board mini. It also creates less mess when painting, as you don’t have to lay out all of your colors, palettes, paintbrushes and other mediums. So for a quick little session, the board is ideal. Less mess equals less stress after all!

Improves art skills

A huge mistake that many beginner artists make when attempting to create beautiful art is that they are too rigid with their lines. They press hard on the pencil, or they put too much paint in one area, which means that they have less flexibility and options when adjusting their piece to look good. The Buddha board mini takes away that problem, as the simple watercolor marks allow you to be flexible and more able to experiment with your line work. The bold, flowing lines will encourage you to be free and unconstricted with your paintings, transferring to your other pieces and improving your art in general.

Inspires creativity

Pretty much every artist has suffered from artist’s block, where you don’t know what to make because your brain has seemingly run out of its creative juices. This board can help you to quickly take note of any ideas when inspiration strikes. This will create many ideas for you when you want to make art, so all you have to do is pick and choose. Whether it’s an idea for an aesthetic scene or landscape, or you suddenly feel like creating a more moody backdrop, noting you feelings and ideas for each piece will significantly increase your options for what you want to make.

Product links

Click the link below to purchase your very own Buddha board mini

In conclusion, you can see how beneficial at his simple board is for many different types of people. For people who want to relieve stress, to artists looking to better their skills, to those who simply like the Japanese-style watercolor. This is a board for everyone, and it can do wonders. So check out the Buddha board mini and see where it can take you.

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