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5 best metal mechanical pencils for drawing

Pencils are one of the artist’s most important tools, as that is where most people have started their artistic journey. They are used on an everyday basis for school, work and in general. So of course good quality pencils are a must. Many people have pencils that they swear by, while others have many cheap pencils lying around, and don’t have a specific one that they use. This list is perfect for both types of people.

Metal mechanical pencils are so much more versatile than traditional pencils, because they don’t need to be sharpened, and can be carried around everywhere for quick access. Many artists, writers and architects use mechanical pencils for technical drawings, because the lead always stays precisely sharp. And metal ones are even better, due to the long-lasting and durable elements due to the metal body. So we have simplified all the best mechanical pencils into one list, so that you can choose which one suits you best.


This pencil has a very elegant design, and the metal body gives it a perfectly weighted feel. It is not the heaviest pencil, but it is heavy enough to provide stability and durability. The brass pencil mechanism allows for precise lead advancement and the lead hardness indicator lets you know quickly what type of lead you have put inside. This pencil is meant for a lifetime of use, and will definitely become your go-to over time.

Knurled metal pencils like this give both a sophisticated look and efficient, yet comfortable drawing experience. Place this in your pocket or pencil case wherever you go, and you will happily sketch away for hours because of the smooth feel throughout. The hexagonal barrel makes sure that the pencil doesn’t roll off of smooth surfaces, and also has the added benefit of fatigue-free drawing.

  • Durable and will still look new after extended use
  • Minimal lead jamming and breakage
  • Stunning design
  • Black powder-coated exterior is resistant to scratches
  • Eraser holder easily slides in and out
  • Can’t lend it to other people, as they won’t give it back!

Pentel GraphGear 1000


This pencil is an absolute must if you practice art regularly, as this is the best mechanical drafting pencil out there. The sleek design and chiseled metal look stunning when placed on your desk, and the soft, latex-free Comfort Zone™ grip provides comfort when using it. The dual-action retractor advances and retracts tip for a smooth experience, while preventing the lead from breaking.

It is loaded with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead that never needs sharpening and produces clear, dark lines. This is a perfect pencil overall, with a clever mechanism that allows for easy use. The knurled grip makes it easy to hold and will let you draw precise lines effortlessly. Paired with other tools, such as rulers and templates, you can make beautifully neat architectural drawings as well.

  • Comfortable grip with soft latex-free pads
  • Dual-action retractor allows for easy use
  • Minimal lead breakag
  • Rotating window that allows you to see lead type
  • Well weighted
  • Lead may jam occasionally

Mr. Pen Mechanical Pencils


This is not just a single pencil, but a set of mechanical drafting pencils. The pencil body of each is similar, with a minimalist all-metal design that is perfect for general needs. There are 5 different sizes included: 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9 and 2mm. There are 5 HB lead refills (1 for each size), with an added color lead refill for the 2mm. This means that you can not only draw with regular black lead, you can actually replicate the features of normal colored pencils as well! 

This set is an all-rounder for your art needs, all the metal pencils will last quite a while due to the premium pencil body with quality lead. As well as this, the pencils have a comfortable metal grip that allows for easy use when drawing or drafting. The common lead sizes are easily identifiable, so you don’t have to stress out about finding which pencil is which. 

  • Beautiful, minimalist design

  • Range of leads, including colored lead for 2mm

  • Comfortable grip and easy to hold

  • Satisfying weight distribution

  • You have to switch leads every time you want to use a new color 

uni Kuru Toga Roulette



This pen’s design is just so attractive. It is alluring and pleasing to look at, which already gives it those extra brownie points. However, the main feature that makes this pencil stand out is its lead rotating technology. Mechanical pencil mechanisms like this are really helpful, and make your life just that much easier. The way it works is by a spring-loaded clutch rotating the lead every so often, keeping the lead evenly sharp throughout when drawing. This makes your final product appear very refined and a lot more consistent than other mechanical pencils.

Along with this 5-star feature, the lead itself is of high quality, and we highly recommend that you use Uni Kurutoga lead if you buy this pencil, as this lead is specifically made to draw with this pencil’s technology. It is not necessary, but it will give you a much better feel when drawing overall. The long, knurled grip of the pencil is in another league and really upgrades your sketching experience. 

  • All metal, sturdy body with quality grip
  • Masterfully designed internal mechanism
  • Aesthetically pleasing look
  • Fine point for extra details
  • The rubber is quite small, so you will have to use a separate rubber later
  • Only fits a limited number of leads inside

NicPro Mechanical Pencils


This is a very simple looking pencil, but don’t be fooled by the appearance. The quality is definitely above average, with its ergonomic ribbed grip and all-metal construction. It comes in a set, with 2 different sizes, replaceable erasers, lead and 2 normal erasers. The pen tube is metal threaded and anti-skidding. The lead advances easily and it is hard to break. 

It also has a relatively comfortable feel, with an ideal weight distribution for effective writing and drawing. The lead produces consistently clean, dark lines and the erasers also work to a good standard as well. It feels lightweight to hold, but heavy enough to provide a smooth drawing feel. It is an inexpensive set of pencils that is perfect for general use.

  • Evenly weighted feel
  • Simple design
  • Comfortable grip
  • Comes with ample lead replacements
  • Retractable tip may go back in occasionally
  • May wobble slightly when in use

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