5 best watercolor painting kits

When it comes to a watercolor kit, quality matters a lot. You don’t want to paint with second-rate products, or your hard work will be wasted simply because your equipment will have let you down. Unlike acrylic paint, watercolor paint colors can be a lot more subtle, so having quality paints is necessary to really get the most out of them.

Whether you are a beginner or professional artist, you can always benefit from high-standard products and paints, as they will make your painting experience that much more smooth and enjoyable. So without further ado, let’s get right into the 5 best watercolor painting kits, perfect for all skill levels. Bear in mind that all of our products include affiliate links, with no added cost to you.



These watecolors are of premium quality and come from a reputable company. The pigments are strong, just as they should be, and contain vibrant colors. This is because of the increased transparency, meaning that the colors appear less opaque, and therefore less muddy and chalky. This set specifically contains a water color brush, kneaded eraser, a pencil, and a wide range of colors: 16 half pans to be precise. From cadmium yellow to ultramarine and alizarin crimson, you will have no problem choosing the right colors for your paintings. 

The paints themselves have a smooth consistency, excellent tinting strength and great working properties. Because of the smooth consistency, this set is perfect for beginners, as there is less to worry about for each color, and they combine to create  harmonious art pieces that look stunning. Not to mention that many of the pigments used in the Winsor & Newton Cotman set are organic and come from natural products. You will not regret buying these paints, as they will add so much value to your art.

Arteza Watercolor paints



The Arteza watercolor paint set is absolutely perfect for that one time buy forkit beginners. If you want to get started with watercolor painting, or you’re already a pro, then this is an all-rounder. It comes in a beautiful metal box, with a huge variety of color options. It includes artist quality watercolor paints that are non-toxic, and the metal box allows you to carry them around with you wherever you go. And they are reusable as well, so you can use this set for a long time. 

The box itself contains 36 unique and vivid colors, which is absolutely ideal for beginner artists, as you won’t run out of options. The paints act like professional watercolors as well, so the more advanced painters can also use this set. The paints even come with a refillable water brush pen that has a flexible nylon tip. The mixing trays are also excellent and don’t cause the colors to bead, which is a very handy feature. Overall, the set itself is very useful and versatile, and the paints are of premium quality, so it’s worth a buy.

MozArt Komorebi paint set




For those with any sense of appreciation for watercolors, this watercolor kit is an absolute must. They include 40 colors for an extremely cheap price. The watercolor kit includes shimmery metallic watercolor paint, and even neons that glow beautifully under a blacklight. The blending performance is superb, and the colors appear bright and vivid, upgrading your artwork. This watercolor kit also includes a sturdy metal case and a color swatch sheet, so you can see what the final result will look like. These will definitely become your favorite watercolor paints in no time. 

The paints are in full pan size, so you won’t need to be buying more watercolors anytime soon, saving you money and time. So if you are worried about investing your money into a product you may not like, buy this set of paints, as it has everything you’ll need and more. The colors reactivate easily, even with a soft brush, so you won’t have any trouble there either. They are very highly pigmented, so you know that what you are getting is only of the highest quality. All in all, these japanese-style paints will certainly not disappoint!

Sakura Koi set




The first thing you notice about this watercolor kit is how organized and compact it is. It includes 30 different colors, and contains other helpful tools to enhance your painting experience. For example, it contains a water brush that stores water for efficiency. It also has a dabbing sponge, as well as a mixing palette, making life easier. The water brush separates into two parts: a brush tip and barrel handle with a plug to carry water. This watercolor kit is quite literally perfect for carrying around and is extremely useful, as inspiration can strike at any time when you’re out and about!

Travel watercolor kits like this one are just so helpful, and you can always practice your skills when outside, as painting at home can get quite repetitive. In fact, the palette itself is a good enough reason to buy this product, as it saves so much space, and you can replace the watercolors when they run out. Take it from us, this watercolor kit will make you want to practice your painting, as it is just so fun and easy to use. It’s not only perfect for the hobbyists that dabble in watercolor, but the professionals as well that want a compact kit that they can take with them anywhere. 

Vivart watercolor painting kit




This last kit not only includes just watercolors, but so much more. It introduces watercolor to absolute beginners, and has absolutely everything you need to get started. It includes a wide range of colors,  and professional watercolors at that. It also includes 2 artist grade paint brushes for watercolors, and 20 sheets of watercolor paper. On top of all this, it contains a whole painting course, with many watercolor techniques and lessons for you to follow along and practice. Not only is it perfect for beginners, but even experienced painters, because of the wide variety of items.

The paints are highly pigmented and vibrant, and mix very well. There is no chalky or grainy feel to them, which shows how high of a quality it really is. The 2 brushes are sizes 8 and 12, providing the most variety in the least amount of product. They are made with synthetic hair and have flexible bristles that allow you to create broad or fine strokes at will. The 20-sheet paper pad is made of cold press textured paper and is great for practicing and mastering watercolor techniques. All in all, it is an extremely accessible and beginner-friendly set of paints that will leave you loving watercolors. 

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